Saturday, May 03, 2008

Energy to move forward

After Thursday's drubbing the biggest challenge in a people centred activity like politics is to establish a fresh energy to meet the new challenge and move forward. Arfon Labour started that process today, with some de briefing on the council elections, taking stock of Gwynedd Council and I spooted a number of smiles at the losses which beset Plaid cymru and their local leaders. Comfort in small matters!
Realistically Plaid are assumed to retain the driving seat on the council as they only need to offer some sweeties to a few Plaid friendly independents. It is unclear whether Llais Gwynedd have enough cohesion to build a 'rainbow' and take up power - they know what they oppose, but have they the cohesion around what they would do? Perhaps they will remian the awkward squad, picking fights to unsettle Plaid.
But Labour face the bigger challenge, and we must bring a clear focus on why Arfon must choose Labour at the next Westminster election. Perhaps people will now more clearly realise the Tories are a threat in Westminster and it is in Wales best interest to retain Labour MPs. This is very important to us in Arfon and is a message we must push home in the campaigning times ahead.
In spite of Adam Price's speculation, of Plaid working with the Tories, it is not a prospect many in Arfon would relish.I wonder what Hywel thinks of working with the Tories?


Ian said...

I don't fancy it much either, but I do not follow the logic of having Labour MPs in Wales to protect us from a London Tory Government. Most of them do not even want a Parliament, which would give us far more proection than they ever would.

menaiblog said...

I'm glad that you guys found something to smile about.

Thinking about things more carefully might give you pause for thought.

Your representation on the council more than halved, making you the fifth biggest group on the council.

More significantly from a Westminster election point of view, Plaid scythed through your vote in the North Eastern urban areas.

You found yourselves hammered out of sight on the large working class housing estates - Coed Mawr, Maesincla, Maes Barcer, for example, as well as in big working class villages such as Deiniolen & Rachub.

It's no great exagguration to note that much of your urban vote has simply evaporated.

On this performance you could conceivably come in third in the Westminster election.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Ian - I think the debate over Labour/Tory Westminster is clear cut ian and cannot beleive Dave Cameron is an outcome the progressive elements of Plaid would want.

menai - I do not disagree with some of your analysis and it does point out the challenge Labour face in some areas. It is clear to me that in times of "protest" some people are comfortable to switch to Plaid. Labour's challenge is to bring them back, and in different elections the mindset will be different. I do not read from Thursday to the next elections for either Labour or Plaid. We all have work to do in our different ways.