Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Frank views

It seems various people continue to flag up former Councillior Iwan's recent letters to the papers . A Llais Gwynedd candidate blogs a few notes of doubt.

For my part I am as interested in the January declaration by Mr Alun Ffred Jones about holding shares in Arianrhod. Must send off that e-mail seeking clarification.

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Guto said...

How about you do send off that e-mail, as well as sending off a letter to the Council asking to see the minutes of any meetings Dafydd Iwan was involved in where the redevelopment of the Maes was decided upon to see if there was a decleration of interest.

Those would be productive things to do instead of just continuing to try and create smoke without bothering to check for a fire.

The fact that a Llais Gwynedd ex-candidate is now also doing the same as you, also without bothering to even try looking for the facts, is quite a sad indictment of the quality of political debate we have these day, all spin and no substance.