Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wales TUC

The Wales TUC meets in Llandudno from Wednesday morning till Friday this week. I will be in attendance at various times, and find many of the debates/fringe meetings instrumental in identifying key issues of concern. The debate over public sector pay, migrant workers and the conference contributions by elected representatives are important. It is always useful to sit in on some legal briefings by the leading employment law firms given the increasing litigation climate in our society.
Of course as with all conference activity many eyes will be on the fringe and who is speaking to who! This becomes more interesting amongst those of the trade unions affiliated to Labour with Rhodri's successor becoming an ever closer event. Friday morning may prove interesting given the by-election of the previous day.
So a time to meet comrades from across Wales, consider the trade union challenges of the coming years and, no doubt, enjoy a drink or two. Unions may not be the force they were and the movement faces its own major challenges to recruit and organise in a less collective society, but still a worthwhile event.

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