Sunday, May 25, 2008

The solution is too govern well

I have read the endless commentary since Thursday's election result, reflected on the tone of some the debates at the Wales TUC, and listened to the Sunday morning analysis. I reach the simple conclusion that with the election still being on the far horizon the best solution for Labour in Westminster (or anywhere else) is to govern well. Effective and progressive decision making in government that moves us closer to our aims on social justice and child poverty will be the best response to the stormy political weather.
People elect a political party to run democratic systems and tackle the wicked conflicting issues. Unlike opposition it is not easy and we have to brave enough to renew and change course where necessary. No, I don't have a long list of such issues but cheesing off those who empathise with Labour by, for example tight restrictions on public sector pay, does not help.
I see no merit whatsoever in the 'change' the leader strand of debate. Yes Labour should use the range of skills available to us. Johnson is a good communicator and I feel Harriet performs well in spite of a hostile media. Others should step up to the mark so it is clear Gordon leads a talented team of people, while he applies his natural talent to assisting the Chancellor with the big economic challenges facing the world economy.

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