Monday, August 18, 2008

"Does a civilized society allow citizens to starve and die?"

I continue to catch up with post holiday blog postings and see that Cangen Bontnewydd of Plaid Cymru have posted a less than balanced piece on the debate around welfare reform, including the less than rational comment with which I lead this post. The fact that this question follows on from an admission that many questions remain unanswered, perhaps points us to the need for more realistic debate, not empty rhetoric.
There are a number of issues that must be teased out of Ministers as the proposals move from the initial debate to formal legislation, but hot air won't achieve that.
How we move from reasoned debate about welfare reform to citizens who "starve and die" I'm not sure, but the Party of Wales seem to want to make a noise. I think this debate needs sharp minds, and the shining of clear daylight to test out Ministers thinking and intentions. More precision- less heat.

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