Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Independence - let the case be made

I find it somewhat reassuring that Helen Mary Jones has returned to the theme of "independence" for Wales. I think it is a case that needs to be argued, explored and I feel will then be flattened by the people of Wales. Perhaps the Party of Wales see the need to reassure those people who have peeled off to people like Llais Gwynedd in the council elections. This is the age of inter dependence not independence, and the debate over issues like neuro surgery made this point in a more telling way than any politician could manage.
Meanwhile the Constitutional Convention will get on with testing the water as to whether a referendum should be held on greater powers for the Assembly. ( I still predict 'not yet' will be a concensus response).
So with the credit crunch, energy and food price increases, Euro elections looming in 2009 let us welcome the distraction of "independence" for Wales.

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