Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Prison needs fair consideration

Rt Hon David Hanson MP and Martin Eaglestone on site of the former Ferodo factory outside Caernarfon.


"The impact of new jobs from constructing and then running a new prison needs careful consideration" says Martin Eaglestone Labour's Parliamentary candiidate in Arfon. Mr Eaglestone said this as the Ministry of Justice announced that the site of the former Ferodo factory outside Caernarfon is on a shortlist of potential sites for new prisons in Wales".

"This would be a significant investment and create a significant number of relatively well paid jobs in the Caernarfon area. That needs careful consideration in the current consultation process and I would urge people to make thier views known".
"The former Ferodo site is well placed and if we can see further improvements in public transport then it is strategically located near to the new courts complex in Caernarfon. This gives the site a number of advantages".
Information from the Ministry of Justice web site.


Ian said...

Of the four sites proposed in Wales (and it would have been nice if London had bothered to consult Wales a little more), I believe the Caernarfon site to be the best. For starters, it simply has to go in the North as the South already has all 4 Welsh prisons. Of the two North sites, the Caernarfon site is surely the front runner. It is not on top of any communities, it has good road links to the rest of the North and it will equate to a huge public investment in an area of Wales of the highest priority.
We have to ensure that London does not make the wrong decision and I look forward to the day that Wales can make this decision for itself.

Martin Eaglestone said...

All fair points and would also make visits more accessible for families etc.

Now await to see rea`ction of local communities and to make sure we can supply an adequate labour force.

Ian said...

It's got to be better than Craig Smith!