Thursday, August 21, 2008

Prison debate underway

I recently had the chance to show David Hanson MP, Minister of State at the Ministry of Justice, the 'Ferodo' site and to consider the implications of the being on the Ministry of Justice shortlist. As a result my press release said :


"The impact of new jobs from constructing and then running a new prison needs careful consideration" says Martin Eaglestone Labour's Parliamentary candiidate in Arfon. Mr Eaglestone said this as the Ministry of Justice announced that the site of the former Ferodo factory outside Caernarfon is on a shortlist of potential sites for new prisons in Wales".
"This would be a significant investment and create a significant number of relatively well paid jobs in the Caernarfon area. That needs careful consideration in the current consultation process and I would urge people to make thier views known".
"The former Ferodo site is well placed and if we can see further improvements in public transport then it is strategically located near to the new courts complex in Caernarfon. This gives the site a number of advantages".
The local people, The Caernarfon Herald, is now engaging well with this debate and it not surprising to see the pros and cons being aired. The more debate the better.


john said...

Rather than a prison - Why not a stadium with multi sporting facilities. All those gold, silver and bronze medals why not improve on the haul for 2012.

What a site a Welsh Premier Rugby Club in North Wales with top notch facilities.

Improve and Bangor and Caernarfon football stadiums.

An Olympic size swimming pool can we get some swimming diving medals.

An athletic track as Brendan Forster has said lets get some runners in the middle distance races, start training now.

Link up with Plas Menai and improve or enhance the sailing facilities.

All the monies are going to go to the London Olympics lets get a lion share NOW.

Lets have something for people in North Wales and let us produce a crop of medalists, create the facilities and reap the rewards, it worked in Manchester.

Hang on, we don't do joined up thinking in Gwynedd?

Martin Eaglestone said...

Fair enough counter proposal that might be worth putting to Alun Ffred as he is now the Minister for culture and sport. Site is not too far from the University either.

However a prison would carry definite investment it seems while these other ideas would have to compete with other regional sites.

A welcome contribution though.