Saturday, August 16, 2008

Urban renewal - up north!

Yes, the gap in postings was due to a family holiday and I took note of my friends advice from last year not to announce an absence from home on the internet (security mad fools!). Anyway it seems the Tory inspired Policy Exchange decided to provide a Tebbit style blast from the past. Huw Lewis is one of many tp pick up the story I note.
Quite ironic as a UK based holiday included visits to regeneration sites in Liverpool, Salford and Leeds. The Leeds visit including the "No such thing as a society" exhibition. None of these visits made me feel I should be heading south, and via the Tate in Liverpool, Lowry in Salford and Royal Armaments in Leeds these north west/northern cities seem to be doing quite well.
Even simple public art like banana lambs can create mass excitement!
It also makes me me wonder why we call for investment, and then have a panic at a project like Victoria Dock. Investment brings change - my leisure time around north/north west made this clear.

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