Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mallorcs'a quite close really!

In fact it was just off the M5 junction today and created a reasonably entertaining 1-1 draw - it is pre season!.
The Baggies showed off the Championship trophy and, at half time, it was presented to a 100 year old fan who attended his first game in 1918. (Not me, or Dad, shown above). However this beautifully summarises the madness of football supporters as written about by Adrian Chiles in his entertaining book "We don't know what we're doing - adventures with the extraordinary fans of an ordinary team". Chiles of course being far away in Beejing.
So having seen two pre season games what are my predictions for the season ahead : we still need a decent centre half and 'leader' at the back. Ishmael Miller can be exciting but seems to need that extra second the Premiership often fails to give. Ronan Bednar may prove a surprise package, but we willl need to play two forwards to help each other. We will also need some luck!
Survival will be hard work - fingers crossed.
(of course Philips scores late in Brum debut to make a point!).

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