Friday, February 22, 2008

Can we draw on our many talents ?

Hat tip to south paw grammar who sparked a thought process that needs an outlet. I have already reflected on Welsh Labour's determined and reflective mood at conference. Of course we could hit choppy waters as we think about Rhodri's successor but there is also an opportunity.

On many occassions I have reflected on Welsh Labour more truly reflecting the spectrum of Welsh opinion on the devolutionary process than other parties. The Party of Wales clearly have a more cohesive view than others (or at least they did till they joined government) as it reflects their obsession with seperation.

Welsh Labour's challenge between now and 2011 is to bring our own talents in to a cohesive unit, reflecting our proud of Wales and UK relationship, and using the spectrum of talents.They are talents which refelct the people of Wales, and that is a strength not a weakness.

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Normal Mouth said...

Quite agree. Naturally, it doesn't fit the media narrative of splits but Labour's ambivalence to devolution merely reflects the ambivalence of the people of Wales.