Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tecwyn Thomas

I thought my first post on Welsh Labour's conference should pass on thanks to Tecwyn Thomas who has just ended his year as the chair of Welsh Labour. Tecwyn is a member in Arfon CLP. He is not a man of the fiery speech nor poetic words, but he is what every political party needs a solid, safe pair of hands who grafts away, often with little thanks, for the Party. He has also been a great servant of the Labour movement with many years service with his union (CWU) before his retirement.
There are very few chairs who in their year have seen events like those Tecwyn has overseen during 2007-2008. He had to step in and chair conference last year so he introduced Tony Blair for his final conference speech in Wales. Although not known by us at the time Peter Hain's last address (for now) as SOS for Wales in 2007. This year he got to introduce Prime Minister Gordon Brown's first address to a Welsh labour conference and the return of Paul Murphy as SOS. He also chaired the special conference in Cardiff when the Party ratified the One Wales Agreement.
In addition he has introduced Rhodri Morgan's 8th and 9th speeches as Welsh Party Leader.
A lot to reflect on.
Anyway I told Tec and Chris Roberts (our genial General Secretary) to give me a pose.
Diolch i ti Tecwyn - rwan mae yna gwaith i gwneud yn Arfon.
I have little doubt h will be grafting away in Arfon during the coming week.

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