Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gloves off as Plaid attack "experts in nothing"

(A couple of dubious comment sources on postings so I have deleted and reposted. Not you Ian)

So the new unofficial Plaid Cymru web site, also known as Cangen Bontnewydd shows signs of the gloves coming off as May approaches.

Of course a few months ago several/many members of Llais Gwynedd were in Plaid Cymru, chairing meetings and holding elected office. By some miracle of nature a few weeks later we are told :

"People must remember that Llais y Bobl are experts in nothing, with no ideas beyond a bizzare and confused statements on a single issue, who lack much experience beyond proving their inability to make consistent decisions".

Sounds like Plaid had more problems than we realised becuase I doubt if the people concerned have suddenly lost what they did not have in PC before. So how many other "experts in nothing" and people "who lack much experience" are lurking in Plaid ?I think we should be told as it seems they are not required any more.

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