Friday, February 29, 2008

University Trust status in North West Wales

Health Minister Edwina Hart AM is negotiating her way through the reconfiguration of health services in North Wales. The increasing specialism within medicine and clinical governance meeting the hard rock of local democratic views. I suspect that in most cases the medical case must hold the upper hand. Certainly in the end I would want my family to have the best medical service, not just the most local service.
There is at least one bright opportunity I can see for North Wales in the changes. In recent discussion with Edwina Hart I have pressed the case for the facilities in Bangor to be given University Trust status. There are many important decisions to be made about health services across North Wales in the coming months but I know that one vital piece of good news could be the move to strengthen the medical training arrangements in Bangor. This would build upon the expertise in Bangor University and bring the Trust, academics and health workers together for the benefit of our local community. University Trust status would also raise the profile of the facilities available in North West wales and boost the general image of the area. It is a win-win scenario for the Welsh health service, medical care and our local community.
Edwina Hart has is putting together new health plans for North Wales and amongst the many changes I hope we will see the support necessary to bring this idea forward.It is an idea that was welcomed in the merger of Bro Morganwg and Swansea Health Trusts and we must identify such positive opportunities for us in the North.

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