Sunday, February 03, 2008

Feeling the heat ?

Interesting to see Alun Ffred Jones on the BBC Politics Show putting on the national media one message he has previoulsy put in the Caernarfon Herald, and another argument the angle of which I find a little suprising.
The argument we have read in the Herald is Ffred's concern that the Gwynedd schools debate is being personalised and that is not helpful to rational decision. There may be some truth in this, but it also suggests to me Plaid Cymru leaders are feeling the heat. The vibes I detect are that Richard Parry Hughes (the council leader who succedded Ffred in Gwynedd, and Dafydd Iwan - Ffreds brother - are under the hammer in general comment about the future of schools). However Ffred should also advise his own side on this because some of the contributions made by Cllr Dyfed Edwards (who took on the schools portfolio during this crisis) have also been personalised in nature.
But the new angle that I found a little strange was people should not put their schools debate above the national project for Scottish style powers. I find this is a slightly strange pitch as it suggests to people that their local school is less important than Plaid's wish for increasing devolutionary powers. I am not convinced that this is an argument people will buy, especially as some of those fearing for a school will not share Plaid's political objectives. I can see it upsetting more people.

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