Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Plaid Cymru and the trade unions

Just before Labour's conference the Party of Wales opened this year's conference "stunts" with some "pathetic" (my words on Radio Wales) stunt about Labour and the unions. Now some reflection. I don't object to conference stunts - got the tee shirt - but they need thought as to outcome.
I assume Plaid Cymru want to warm up the unions and seek a political/financial relationship. It is understandable and a legitimate tactic. It requires an approach that sounds like "we can be your friends too", invitations to quiet conversations, and the socialist wing to chip away and see off the other wing of PC. Perhaps defined by Bethan's spat with Alwyn.
I can tell them it definitely does not need a stupid ("pathetic") web site that gets people upset, closes ears and cuts across any possible dialogue.
Whoever chose this tactic - 1 out of 10, although why I should tell you so is beyond me.

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Ian said...

Martin, We have never looked for a financial relationship with the unions. Our new web site offers many thousands of trade unionists the opportunity to opt out of funding Labour, many of whom do not even realise they are doing so.

It will upset Labour activists in the union movement and to get flack from them is fair enough. However, why should it upset the union members who do not support Labour which is the majority if affiliations are anything to go by.

I believe that there should be a far more open and clearer method of affiliating to Labour. The tick box system is open to abuse and if Labour really believe that all current affiliates want to remain so, then why not have a clearer system?

This has nothing to do with the general political fund, which Plaid has always and will always support.