Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Plaid Cymru face interesting conference

I thought Welsh Labour met in better heart than many may have anticipated. I also detected a business like purpose in identifying weaknesses, open debate and an aim of moving the Party forward.
I wonder how we should view the prospects of our One Wales partners as they prepare for their conference in March? Like Labour they will no doubt focus on the approaching elections, and no doubt name the list of councils they aim to win. I anticpate lots of references to Scotland and detailing of issues for the Constitutional Commission. The platform will proclaim the historic step of being in Government and defend/promote decisions of the One Wales government.
Yet I somehow feel there will be a different edge to the fringe. Y Byd, Llais Gwynedd, no rapid action on a Language Act and words of doubt on the timing of the referendum on a constitution will all give grassroots activists plenty to mull over, moan about and make trouble.

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Ian said...

It's a fair comment. There will indeed be debate although it's only one day in the Spring and so we will not get much chance with elections coming. We will have to wait until the next National Council, where our members are allowed to raise what they like, vote how they like and change party policy. How many years has it been it since Labour last allowed you to do so?

I must admit to being a little curious where Labour in Arfon stands in terms of school re-structuring. I would welcome your thoughts.