Monday, November 05, 2007

Bethan on board with budget

I've been checking contributions on the Assembly budget. Bethan is on board with the budget and its potential implications while Glyn, Davies, after his appearance on radio, detects that Alun Ffred is a little more reticent in his belief in his own government's new role:

"Rhodri Morgan to set out the Government's position - as expected. But then it was over to Alun Ffed Jones for what seemed like a response - which took the biggest chunk of the remaining time. For all the world as if he was representing the 'opposition'. Has the news that Plaid Cymru are now in Government reached the Bangor studio yet?"

Well Glyn knows that Ffred is tied in to the budget, and it will be interesting to hear how his colleagues in Gwynedd Council react over the next few weeks.


Glyn Davies said...

Steady on Martin. You're both in the same bed now!

Martin Eaglestone said...

Hi Glyn

At least it is only a double bed and not three in a bed !!!