Thursday, November 29, 2007

Plaid's leaders try to find their front foot

No doubt numerous e-mails and phone calls have flown around and Plaid's leaders can clearly see a need to try and get on a front foot on the Gwynedd schools reorgansiation.

Dafydd El on tv telling the people of Meirion-Dwyfor about the benefits of the Gwynedd scheme and now Dafydd Iwan in Barn -see translation here -and in the Caernarfon Herald.

In the Herald letters page Dafydd gets star treatment - i.e. his letter is in a box and he says

"I look forward to a period of well-informed and creative debate as we work together....".

Horses and stable doors come to mind !

Meanwhile the Herald reports another defection from Plaid to Llais y Bobl, that being Alwyn Gruffydd of Porthmadog. (40 years Plaid membership). There is a common theme in many statements - people have not voted Plaid for these years for this outcome.

As I have said before it is the hypocrisy that is doing for Plaid in this debate- even Dafydd Iwan in the Barn piece has to cover his back on his contribution over Ysgol Bryncroes many years ago - see here. The only question is whether they bottle it in the full council, and then what ?

Meanwhile the Herald has created a treasure trove of resources on the issue at

so you can follow the evolving nationalist crisis.

(in honesty at least for some of us its a distraction from Labour's evolving funding crisis !)


Glyn Davies said...

Just visited to read your take on all this 'donorgate' stuff Martin - only to find the cupboard bare!! In your position, I'd probably talk about the Baggies as well.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Hi Glyn

I tried at the start of the week, and have updated after seeing Gordon in the flesh today. By the way I understand the Midland Industrial Council may be legal but who coughs up the money ?

Any third party names appreciated so we are all above board. I would not wish any Tory to fall short of the standards we demand of others.