Friday, November 23, 2007

A good use for the new Assembly powers

Today the post office delivered to me a letter stating "This is not circular" in which "Call4cash" invited me to contact them about a series of prizes. Apparently I may have won 15k or a car.

However as always the small print reveals the real prize for this company - "Calls cost £1.50 per minute from a BT landline. Max time 6 min 55secs, calls from other networks may vary".

So a simple suggestion for the use of new Assembly powers for any AM happening to pass by this blog - how about an Order to prevent such activities here in Wales. It is not unlawful at present and there may be so many it is difficult, but do we have to expose people to what, in my opinion, are scams.

At Westminster level I will be taking up the issue to see who is keeping an eye on such premium rate activity.


Patricia Holtom said...

I too have received this letter - in fact you can just write to them enclosing a stamped addressed envelope to get at your claim number. However, on going into their web site - it didn't actually allow me in. I think the whole thing is a scam and someone is making a lot of moneyfrom expensive phone calls and stamps. Patricia Holtom.

johntynycoed said...

I agree. lots of people must get caught by this scam.

They indicate tyhat you can also write or visit their website as an alternative. However when I tried to accesds the site, access was denied as I did not have permission. Surprise surprise! What chance of claiming your prize by post then. No chance, I would suggest.

Delfin said...

27/11/07 From High Wycombe in BUCKS - I too received the same letter as you all today from Call4Cash and yes I confirm that it's a total hoax. I tried to access their website and now there isn't one at all.

Unfortunately it's the elderly and inexperienced which will be taken in by this nonesense and end up paying over £10.00 for nothing. These people need to be stopped and charged with fraud just like anyone else would for other crimes.

g4asr said...

Trading Standards
London Borough of Redbridge
Perth Terrace

Rosemary Moore said...

Me too! Just got the letter today (I am in Surrey). And like the rest of you found the website is blocked.

As delfin says it is the elderly and inexperienced or rather vulnerable who will get caught by this.

Can we pass this on to someone who could investigate this undoubted scam?

Rosemary Moore
Surrey UK