Friday, November 16, 2007

Gwynedd's Leader blinks - or did he ? Is it too late ?

Well the boxers were lined up chin to chin and eye to eye - who blinked first ?

Well the Caernarfon Herald reports firstly that Plaid councillors met in closed session last Monday and are sworn to secrecy.

However it then reports that Richard Parry Hughes blinked in a meeting with Porthmadog Town council on Tuesday when he suggested "big changes" would be made to the report on schools reorganisation.

But we then learn that the "big changes" may be an inaccurate description of the changes, and the emphasis perhaps lies in extending the timetable (guess what -beyond May 2008 !!).

However is it too late ?

People deserting Plaid's sinking ship and reactions in the Daily Post getting personal and bitter. The letters page of the Post and Herald are equally entertaining.

Meanwhile an absolute silence from Hywel Williams MP who seems to be strangely quiet about the crisis. Of course it is now very inconvenient that all this can't be blamed on Labour : did Plaid see this coming when they signed up to One Wales ?

Others suggest I am "dribbling" in my posts on this matter - perhaps as in football I am dribbling towards an open goal........


menaiblog said...

I suppose that asking whether or not you actually have a view on the re structuring of schools in Gwynedd would be a futile exercise.

Martin Eaglestone said...

I have a number of views but is it really right for a humble PPC to interfere in the rightful role of local government ?

menaiblog said...

Oh dear, how disingenuous. You're not exactly shy about expressing views about every other aspect of local government work in Gwynedd.

Would you like me to guess why you're so reticent on this particular issue?