Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Chief - the new Derek and Clive ! (reaction at 23.40)

Watched the 'The Chief' on BBC Wales which dragged me away from keeping a week ahead with Spooks.

David Williams captured some significant journalism and I am sure could not believe the whole biker issue that blew up during filming. All of that that is well known and in the public domain.

What I also found quite remarakable however was the agreement to allow filming of the Friday afternoon rant. After an initial smile at their apparent hurt, I found the ranting about elected representatives quite disturbing, even ranting about them being from England and parachuting in to Wales. I found such ranting by a Chief Constable quite extraordinary. (I also found his theory on Cymuned/Cymdeithas interesting)

I somehow feel the clearly political element of the programme may give Brunstrom more trouble as I am not all sure it is the role of the Chief and his Deputy to sit around, like Derek and Clive (aka Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) ranting in such a way. We wait to see. What does his code say about such matters ?


Nick, BBC Wales Web Team said...

So, are our local politicians in touch with the electorate or not? We've received a couple of dozen comments saying that Wrexham MP Ian Lucas's idea to have the Welsh dragon added to the Union Jack is wide of the mark.

Martin Eaglestone said...

I blogged on the Chiefs "rant" straight away as I thought it crossed the line between sensible discussion and inappropriate comment for someone in his position. I have never rushed to condemn Richard Brunstrom despite some of his antics, but in a thirst for publicity I think he forgets the nature of his role. If he wants to "rant" in public then take off the uniform and become a political figure - theres plenty more of us out here ranting !.

However I do feel allowing this to be filmed was an error, and how many errors can one Police Authority take ?

adolf moans said...

Richard 'headless ' Brunstrum is a perfect Plaid candidate. He is Hypocritical, Egotistical and a Zealot.Like his mate, Aran Jones of Cymuned. They are both Englishmen who stir up guano where it doesn't exist to fuel their ego's. Perhaps the only parachute jump they should take is off Snowdon without a chute !