Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sharing with a new generation

Work took me to Liverpool John Moore's University and a chance to consider the major regeneration work taking place along the waterfront and city centre. Clearly the well established Albert Dock is now only a small part of what the City of Culture 08 will have to offer. However in the best British traditions much of the work will not be completed for Jan o8 and lookis like it has some time to go.
The "lecture" to under graduate and post graduatre students gave a chance for reflection on changes taking place in town and country planning. Indeed I can hardly recall a time when issues central to much planning work : sustainable development, climate change, housing supply and affordable housing, energy and infrastucture were so high on the "political" and policy agendas.

A good chance for reflection and interesting times for those involved with this sector.


Peter Black said...

How is the Conference Centre coming Martin? The Lib Dems have a Conference there on 7th March.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Crikey - so many new buildings which one is the confernece centre ?
If the "arena" on Albert Dock it looked an interesting structure, which they then tried to hide behind a multi storey car park (I need to look up the original architect drawings to see if such a car park was shown).

However plenty going on and lots of "work in progress" to inspect.

Being married to an Evertonian I clearly can't criticise !!!