Saturday, November 24, 2007

Goal feast - lets hope Baggies catch the fever !

Being married to an Evertonian I share the occasional opportunity to accompany Sue to Goodison Park - I'm not sure whether a Baggie should admit this!.

However today was one of those days and what a good choice. 7-1.

The last time I saw a score like this (in professional football) was when WBA stuffed Coventry 7-1 at the Hawthorns back in 1980 (?).

Anyway today's game was enjoyable although the match was aided by Sunderland trying to play football and just shut the door - if not very well at times - and their inability to defend an occasional route one ball.

Arteta is a gem of a player and his touch and skill at times suggests Everton should fear a move from a big (Spanish) club at some point. However I'm told he doesn't make the Spanish team so his face must not fit with someone.

Enjoyable and Everton looked a solid team with good edge.

Anyway lets hope this good luck runs off on the Baggies tomorrow as we take on our old rivals Wolves.


Tom Bodden said...

Glad you could join us for a seven-up. Are we about to convert you to the School of Science, Martin?

Martin Eaglestone said...

Crikey, steady on old chap !

Sharing an occassional game is okay, but it was no road to Damascus moment.

The Hawthorns remains the only place for REAL football. Took my son to the famous 4-0 against some team or other - he hasn't recovered yet (being as Sue won him to Everton and I failed in my WBA mission).