Monday, November 26, 2007

It never rains - but pours !

Clearly the fates have decided that the Labour leadership should end 2007 being tested in many endless ways. There is no point my blog ducking these issues as we need to get out of this year and improve in 2008.

I was going to blog about the Lord/General who last week spoke out and then this week re appears fronting a Cameron task group - not clever. I'm not sure its worth it just now !


menaiblog said...

As long as parties are dependent on private donations, this sort of thing is bound to happen.

State funding of political parties wouldn't be popular, but at least it would make things transparent & stop this constant drip feed of scandal which poisons the image of political parties in general.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Thank you for a controlled and reasonable comment. I feared the worst before logging on !

What I find most bizzare is the individual is happy to attend/be seen at Labour events but wanted to conceal his donations.

He could have been upfront like Ashcroft and everyone would be clearer as to what was going on.

I think a drift towards more state funding seems more inevitable although it would need very careful controls.

menaiblog said...

Alun Davies timed his letter to the electoral Commision to perfection though.