Saturday, December 01, 2007

Man with a mission

A slight break in postings as I attended Labour's National Policy Forum in Heathrow (!), London.
as one of the new reps for Wales. Not quite back for all of match of the day so a few quick impressions.
Gordon seemed to address us openly about the funding problems revelaed this week. He admitted to his anger and fury at what he and Party members had learnt, and gave every impression of being a man with a mission to sort out our problems and also make all parties funding arrangements transparent. It is partly out of our hands of course and that may be part of the frustration we face in the coming weeks as the Police/Electoral Commission complete their week.
Anyway after an honest/private Q&A NPF representatives got on with a range of important seminars as we begin the vital task of shaping policy for our next manifesto.

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