Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Plaid MP threatened to sue me.

As we know, following investigation by the Parliamentary Commissioner, the Committee on Privileges found that Hywel Williams broke the rules on the use of the Communications Allowance and promised to repay the public monies used to pay for the newspaper adverts. The adverts appeared shortly before May's Assembly elections. How convenient !

Hywel Williams was found to have breached more rules than Adam Price and Elfyn Llwyd as he included a survey within the advert and did not clear the final material with the relevant authorities. There were also doubts that taxpayers monies should be used to pay for large Plaid Cymru logos in the press.

At the time I claimed the adverts broke the rules.

What I can now share with any reader of this blog is that the claim, now upheld, about the misuse of public funds lead to Hywel Williams threatening to sue me !

You will find his letter sent from his home address to my home address on the 26th April above. In spite of his threatened legal action I have extended Hywel the courtesy of blanking out his home address (I'm in the phone book anyway).

What nonsense this proved to be. Indeed what a bully boy tactic that when an opponent claims the rules were broken the response is not debate, but a threat of legal action.

Anyway I feel it is time to share this information. The adverts broke the rules. The Parliamentary Commissioner investigated, and the Committee on Privileges reported.

What a happy way to start our respective campaigns for the next Westminster election - and yes I am writing asking for an apology from Hywel Williams as an unwarranted threat of legal action is not the news a family like to hear during a democratic campaign for an election. Please join me in writing for a public apology if you feel like it.


adolf moans said...

He's always been Plaid's
" Chocolate Spoon ". He melts in hot water ! Oh! Sue me, Sue Me !

Aled said...

What a bully.

This man is not fit for public office if this is the way he behaves.

What makes this worse is that when he sent the letter he clearly knew that his actions were breaking the law. After all everyone else did.

The man is a coward.

He should apologies and do it in public.

adolf moans said...

Has the Choc spoon paid the money back yet with interest ?