Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gwynedd seems quiet this year ?

I have realised why I feel a bit disorientated before Christmas. At this time of year my weekly papers are usually full of Plaid Cymru councillors telling us all how awful the Labour Assembly is, and complaining till they are blue in the face about how little money the Assembly has given them.

It seems some councils are campaigning hard for a bigger slice of the cake.

Yet in Gwynedd it is relatively peaceful. So I wonder what has happened compared to previous years ?

Perhaps the constant ring of "not enough money" has to become more palatable when your own team - One Wales government - is helping to carve up the cake ?.

Others may not see it, but I believe here is another example of the tone of politics changing here in North West Wales following last May''s election results.

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adolf moans said...

The worm has got it's head above ground and it likes what it sees.
Animal Farm similarities spring to mind. What happened to Plaid's promise of 50% small Buisness rate relief ?