Thursday, December 13, 2007

Heartland battle commences - Gwynedd schools

There has been much written and lots of words exchanged, a new political party/group has emerged and things are certainly not as they were. The genie is out of the bottle, the horse has bolted and some may have to put their fiddles in the roof (this will make sense to bilingual readers !)

Gwynedd Council has decided (they had little choice I suspect) to commence formal consultations about school restructuring.

The pattern of much political debate in many communities across Gwynedd, from now until next May, has been set. It is unclear where it will all lead but a number of prominent Plaid Cymru figures will be working hard to save their political skins. While "leaders" may speak for their troops from their high chairs and "portfolio" positions in the Chamber, I suspect it will be a harder sell for the troops as they canvas the doorsteps of many a village.

For my part I feel that "new" schools will generally prove to be attractive propositions (has the capital been secured?), but still I search for some evidence that the widespread federalisation proposed in this paper has a track record on which people can depend.

Please enlighten me if you know better.

ps for any student of politics I think this is a period of debate that is worth recording in detail as, alongside Plaid's entry in to the One Wales government, it is potentially a fault line of historic change in nationalism.


menaiblog said...

Ahem - looking at the initial feedback I note that the Plaid split was similar to the Labour one.

Gerald, Gwen & Brian (all three hard working, serious & wholy admirable local politicians) voted against the motion, while the rest voted in favour.

Plaid's split was in propotion terms similar (although Plaid has far more members).

Independents & Liberal members were largely responsible for the 2:1 majority.

Your comments about federalisation are broadly correct but superficial. It is unproven, but it lies at the heart of the Gwynedd plan.

Remove that & you could close fewer schools & yet divert resources to hard pressed larger schools - something you can't do with these plans.

adolf moans said...

If i was a rich man...DafyddRichardFfredSolCymadAnturDLynandalltheotherpersonal pocketfillersstuffedwithgrantsfiddlediddledeedumdumdepoo. For non bi lingual readers !

Martin Eaglestone said...

Yes fair analysis, but it is the hammer blow to nationalist harmony that 9is most telling. Did you hea the level of booing for brawd Iwan ? I would be a very worried leader if in Dafydd or Dic's boots.