Saturday, December 08, 2007

"Lord" Wigley speaks

It was just last Sunday after we heard Elfyn Llwyd's doubts on the schools reorganisation that I questioned how long it would take Dafydd Wigley to speak up for the fortress nation of Gwynedd ?.

Well on cue this week's letters page in the Herald contains a letter from Dafydd Wigley of Bontnewydd that states:

"May I commend the words of Cllr Richard Parry Hughes, leader of Gwynedd Council when he said that - in debating the future of our primary school network, only one thing counts - fulfilling the educational needs of the pupils. Not the convenience of parents; not the interest of teachers; not the demands of communities; not the electoral ambition of councillors, candidates or political parties".

Councillors, parents, teachers and ratepayers are asked to "step back and ponder"

I assume Dafydd means it is important to "ponder" until some time after next May when their happens to be council elections which look increasingly difficult for Plaid in their heartland.

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adolf moans said...

Is Wigley after a new driveway to his house from Gwynedd like Parry Hughes got ? What exactly did Wigley do for Gwynedd whilst he was in power ? Lots of people say he was a nice guy, but what did he actually do for the public ?