Sunday, December 09, 2007

Elvis, Roman Centurions and Father Christmas

No I haven't hit the Christmas sherry, but this morning I joined the trial for a land train service around Caernarfon. There are people with vision and ideas trying to create an artistic force for the continued regeneration of the town and the land train may be one small (if very visible) part of the jigsaw. See here for some idea of a vision.
Anyway a range of people turned out to take part in the trial and here is a cutting of the red tape, by Elvis and Sion Corn, guarded by Roman Centurions as the train enters Palace Street for the first time. (this could become my favourite bizzare photo of the year !)
Like many creative ideas it all needs the "establishment" to come in with support to help move matters forward. Today was a chance to show the Highway Authority the impact on traffic flows as two routes were trialled. Let us hope it can get through risk assessment and find an interesting and valuable addition to the town's tourist offer.
Christmas being serenaded by Elvis - show me that sherry quick !

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