Monday, January 07, 2008

"I do not wish to be a member of Plaid Cymru any more"

This was the opening sentence of a sensational letter from Dewi Thomas announcing in the Daily Post (letters page) that he had left Plaid Cymru. The final sentence of his letter reads "I have my first Plaid Cymru membership card dated December 1959 when I was a schoolboy full of ideals and dreams" (resigning after a membership one month less than I have been on planet in total !)

In between the letter states

"Following the decision by Gwynedd County Council to carry on with their plan to reorganise primary schools my conscience will not permit me to continue my association with Plaid.

I cannot remain a member when they intend to close Bronyfoel and Baladeulyn schools and destroy communities.

Here are some of the events that influenced my decision ; primarily the protest in Caernarfon on December 13 and the general feeling amongst the long-time Plaid members present that it was a sad day for Plaid.

It was so different to the many other protests I've been involved with over a long period of time, nationalists protesting against nationalists. If this is what being in power involves, then keep me out of it.

During the so called consultation period the views of the school governors was completely ignored,the opinions of those with experience in education was disregarded.

At a special meeting of the Plaid Constituency one of the leaders made shameful remarks about Seimon Glyn,Owen Williams and Alwyn Gruffydd, that they cared nothing for education, but only wanted to stab Plaid in the back. I respect the three's perspective as staunch nationalists over the years.

Dafydd iwan deliberately misrepresented what I said about area schools.

Rhydian James's view in his latest letter was the final nail in the coffin. It appears that I am not a true idealist or nationalist, I've been in the wilderness for the last 50 years if that is true. You've won Rhydian, you've got rid of an old dinosaur.The future's yours.

Are the other sad people I talked with`or saw during that rally also mistaken ?
Are they not true nationalists?

I have my first Plaid Cymru card dated December 1959,when I was a schoolboy full of ideals and dreams".

I know Dewi and there must be some personal pain in such a letter. There is also a lot of political trouble!

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