Saturday, January 05, 2008

On line protest - of silence

I am not sure whether blogging should be silent or, perhaps more effectively, seek mass blogging on a single subject across the globe. Anyway I noted this request on the Guardian's blog section and will take note for tomorrow. Another simple example of how things we take for granted can be more difficult elsewhere in the world.

In the meantime it seems that Welsh blog land is reawakening after a Christmas break although some intemperate views on One Wales show us that we have an interesting year ahead as the Labour-Plaid Welsh Assembly Government face their first full year of decisions.

Meanwhile I am looking forward to welcoming Rhodri Morgan this week as part of his New Year 'Taith Iaith' . As stated in Y Cymro

"Barn Llafur erioed yw bod ffyniant yr economi a ffyniant yr economi a ffyniant yr iaith yn mynd law yn llaw" (economic and linguistic well being go hand in hand)

This is so true for Arfon and North West Wales as it is building a brighter economic future that will secure the socio-economic conditions to help foster the two languages, and bilingual character of our communities.

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