Thursday, January 24, 2008

Peter Hain

Well goodbye for now and hello to a familiar face. I feel sadness at Peter's resignation as he is someone who brought some vigour and energy to Welsh politics. A strong campaigner and while there was no need to always agree, there always something to have a debate about. I suspect devolution may have lost a friendly face - whatever Elfyn Llwyd feels!.
During last December's national policy forum I told a colleague from Wales that the problem was that the events were beyond the Party's control. Having introduced laws and regulations then breaches of our own policies would mean external forces coming in to play.
So what are my thoughts ?
Well I am still astonished that Peter managed, even felt it necessary, to spend such a huge sum on his deputy leadership campaign. As others have said such a position must not recur.
On the wider front we wait and see what is the fall out from this event. I don't think anyone wins from such situations. Many will just see it as part of political "sleaze", and that is what will hurt Peter most. (I am sure personally and politically).
I have never had reason to doubt Peter was an honest individual, with an out of the ordinary life history, and a deep instinct for politics.
I wish him and Elizabeth well and hope to see him having another chance in high politics.


menaiblog said...

Unusually I agree with you.

Obviously he has to resign if a police investigation is in progress - & it's possible that something truly unpleasant will be trawled up as a result of that investigation. But I don't personally think so, & I hope not - I think that the man is honest.

I don't always like his style - but I think that Wales is indepted to him. I very much doubt that the devolution referendum would have been won without his efforts.

He organised the Labour side of things & his back yard in Neath Port Talbot was the most pro devolution area in the country.

I assume & hope that he'll return to front line Labour politics at some point.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Why should it be unusual ?

If Plaid's policy is to go to the Lords then I can see few better candidates than DW.

'One Wales' shows there is comon ground, its just that fighting elections gets in the way !