Saturday, January 26, 2008

Not a Lord !

The timing of political events sometimes throws up huge ironies. So on the day that Plaid Cymru met to nominate for the House of Lords , Tony Benn, who rejected his peerage, came to the Galeri Theatre in Caernarfon (about 3 miles from Dafydd Wigley's house) to give his view of world events. It is not necessary to agree with everything that Tony says. But, given the animosity he has suffered at times, he now occupies a strangely warm position in many people's hearts.
I told him that after marching with him for many a mile, in various protests around the country, (often several miles back in the march), it was nice to sit down for a cup of tea in Caernarfon !
With the years and the experiences, I now feel comes an element of vulnerability. Tony was in fine form - not surprisingly gave the government a kicking - and Cameron fared worse, he body swerved questions about his son in the Cabinet, but seemed to leave many satisfied customers in a sold out theatre. Well done to UNISON for sponsoring the event and enabling a high profile eventt o reach North West Wales.


Ian said...

Martin. We didn't nominate, we voted using STV. Of course, the bizarre committee that approves such things in London may disagree with our choice but I suspect that a Parliamentary chamber chosen largely through privilege, is unlikely to block new members because they had the cheek to be elected. Can you imagine the headlines?

Martin Eaglestone said...

Anythings possible Ian in the democracy that is the House of Lords!.