Monday, January 14, 2008

Politics has an unsurprising event !

Mnay of us are commenting on it and I suppoose the most surprising thing is that none of us are surprised !.

The supposed conditions are a hurdle set at a height a ruptured snail could jump over.

So Plaid's transition from voice of protest/opposition continues, principles out of the window and in to the murky world of Council, Assembly,Westminster (unelected) and Europe.

Anyway I wish him all the best should he get elected to the role by his colleagues.


Che Grav-ara said...

Martin you are a member of a party that has dodged the opportunity to make the lords an elected chamber. Your so hypocritical it is shocking!

Martin Eaglestone said...

I suppose I should therefore add "welcome to the club".

Che Grav-ara said...

Not really as Plaid do not have the power or opportunity to do so. It is for the Westminster Governmnet. A Labour Government to decide.