Thursday, January 17, 2008

Points of view

Following Rhodri's visit and the protest by Cymdeithas yr Iaith I wrote to the local papers who have published the letter as follows :

Dear editor,

Last Friday I welcomed Rhodri Morgan to Caernarfon and provided the opportunity for representatives of the local business community to meet with him and explain what action is required to help make the town more succsessful. Our focus was on improving the local economy and sharing ideas on how best to bring togther the 'old' town and Victoria Dock in a successful future.

We then walked as a group around the town to view various projects and key sites.

Unfortunately the Welsh Language Society decided this was a chance to protest, and distract Rhodri Morgan from my main objective of focusing his thoughts on improving the local economy. I am of course a democrat and respect their right to protest. But I must ask exactly how did the protest help the future of the Welsh Langauge when it simply meant Mr Morgan was distracted from talking to business people and focussing on the future of the economy of the town ? Surely improving the economy, and seeking better paid jobs, is the way ahead for our communities and Welsh Language. I am working to develop a positive image for Arfon I think others have to reflect on what they acheived by such a protest ?

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