Monday, March 31, 2008

Climate change pessimism - but can't give up

Little stories like this one make me feel pessimistic about our ability to tackle climate change. I think whatever control measures we all think are good for us, and planet earth, the way we organise our lives means we fall short during implementation. I do not argue against air flight, that would be too Luddite, and some extra regional links such as Valley can make sense in an overall transport jigsaw - however marketised incentives to "waste" air travel must clearly be stamped out. And increasing global wealth can only mean more travel.

Part of me says that in the near future it is an industry that will require more regulation for the good of planet earth. And yet I read of the new open skies policy and the growth in air miles that will arise as a result. Cue that feeling of pessimism again!.

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