Friday, March 21, 2008

Schools reorganisation - what do Plaid mean ?

So with weeks to go to the council election I can only assume Plaid's canvassing is not going well and we suddenly have an announcement that the schools reorganisation plan is changed. Now I know Plaid is the ruling group but don't such matters have to be decided by the Council ?

Do Plaid feel that in calling a meeting to change the timetable that people will not see the naked politics involved - time to save Iwan and Parry Hughes skin.

I had two questions on the whole plan :

a) where is the evidence that wide spread federalisation works ?

b) what level of commitment has been made to capital spending on new buildings, rather than wishful plans ?

c) why were innovative ideas (Plaid's claim) not piloted to give people confidence in the change rather than throw the whole county up in the air ?

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