Saturday, March 29, 2008

That thing called a political reality

I am finding some of Plaid Cymru's comments from their Spring conference quite interesting. For example I have contested two elections with Mr Alun Ffred Jones and listened to the all his Party's campaign tales of Labour's alleged ills, and what Plaid would do. Well since they joined the One Wales government we have seen what they can do.
It seems AFJ now describes this as follows :
"You have to take responsibility, and you have to accept that you can't do everything that you would like to do"
exactly what Labour candidates were saying about the reality of government at the same elections.
Meanwhile having lost control of councils a few years ago, it seems IWJ wants to shake up the councils. Perhaps hanging on to Gwynedd should be their short term aim because ending up with none would not look good for our One Wales partners.


Ian said...

Any thoughts on how Labour are going to do on May 1st, Martin? There are rumours that you are spending a fortune in Newport to hold onto it and your polling returns are poor in many areas.

Do you think that this is more to do with the problems Gordon is having in London, rather than local issues?

Martin Eaglestone said...

Hi Ian

well as with all elections we will see how the people feel. Haven't got a clue about Newport as I am watching Plaid's slide in Gwynedd with interest. Big test for you I think which, if you can organise out of, will be a sign of extra maturity. Very interesting.