Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why now ?

Regular readers know rugby is not my game, but it is a great time when the Grand Slam comes too hand. I know there is great joy - a look at the local pubs as evidence of that !.

Sorry to be cautious but it just feels like the wrong time. Various other teams seem to have come out of the world cup to start rebuilding (crikey even the great enemy didn't start with JW), while I fear Wales peak in year one. Great joy but where will matters be at time of the next World Cup ?

Anyway more time for this theory -tonight celebrate like Glyn (or watch the game with a proper ball/Match of the Day in my case).

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Ian said...

Now is fine. The players are well aware under the new coaching regime that they can improve and have to. We have some games later in the year to test out standards against the southern hemisphere but early success does not exclude improvement.

You are right about the RWC, but look how many young people will pick up a rugby ball and run for their community, because of this success.

It's a wonderful days for Wales, but it's wonderful to be Welsh every day.