Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Giving up pay - Long term commitment ?

So Ieuan joins others in declaring that he will not take the pay rise. They must be happy bunnies down in the coffee bar at the Bay. Now I feel the need to repeat my previous question.

Will Mr Jones submit not only this year's rise, but calculate his future pay on the lower rate, and any consequential pension benefits. It is the offer I made to Alun Ffred Jones the other day and am likewise happy to administer Mr Jones long term increases as well for the benefit of all.

It would ensure we don't have one year's posturing but long term arrangements.


Ian said...

It does start getting a little questionable Martin to keep having a dig at Plaid AMs for taking a stand and your lot happy to take the rise without question, when your own members are fuming.

Of course, you can always deny that Unison as well as other public sector unions in Wales are not angry about the AMs pay rise. However, one of them might read this blog and you would be up to your neck in it then, wouldn't you?

Can't you just accept that Plaid AMs actually recognise that there is an injustice in accepting such a huge pay hike, at a time when all other public sector workers in Wales are having a pay cut forced on them?

Che Grav-ara said...

will you be requesting that all the Labour AM's taking the pay rise make the same commitment Martin?

Martin Eaglestone said...

Hi Ian. I have no problem with their stand, just don't ewant it to be a flash in the pan. I don't think I can get in much trouble with Unison members as I don't hold many posts on their behalf.

Che- I will have things to say to Labourt AMs, but as they are not making a public point about the rise I assume they will take it. As will the Plaid AMs I assume in all future years.