Thursday, March 06, 2008

Unlikely ?

In the light of the previous post can it really be likely that Assembly Members would vote for such an increase while home carers, care assistants, front line staff and professionals of various kinds look at some 2%. It may be justified by reference to all sorts of issues but there is a basic question of social justice.

Unlikely - but a good way of generating industrial action I fear !


Ian said...

I think that Labour have made a fundamental mistake in accepting this increase without question. I don't know about your Unsion members Martin, but the one's down south are tamping about it.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Hi Ian

I think the tone of my posting might give the game away. However, in spite of the apparent 'rebellion' (it don't fool me comrade) it will still be awkward for Plaid with Lord Dafydd promoting the case. Are we to assume the rejectionists have a mechanism not to accept the increase or is it good opportunistic politics ?

I just think the wholoe thing is tactically stupid for the Assembly at this time.

My solution - agree what an AM is worth and adjust over an Assembly term - not one step of this sort (backdated) at this time.

I think we need some of these commissions and experts to negotiate our local government pay !

Ian said...

I accept that how they handle not accepting the rise is a tricky one. However, it is interesting to note that two AMs who rejected the rise were Alun Ffred and Chris Franks. Both have great experience of local government and are very aware of the feelings over below inflation pay rises. Also, neither can be accused of political bandstanding as a habit so I do believe that there is a genuine recognition of the anger from public sector workers.

The way this rise has been handled will cause a lot of resentment towards devolution in Wales, which should be a worry to all of us.

I think that your proposal has some merit and if anything positive is to come out of this mess, then let's get the unions to bang some heads together in the bay.