Monday, July 21, 2008

Cangen Bontnewydd in a froth

Welfare reform has always been a difficult subject. There are a generation of Labour activists (myself included) who find it difficult to move beyond the Tebbit/Thatcher years and who have a twitch when Labour enter this territory.
Yet over recent years we have worked hard to create a spirit in which being available for work, and overcoming the perils of inactivity, have been challenged in creative ways. Being active is good for any number of reasons and steps to promote activity I will support.
So the knee jerk reaction of Bontnewydd Plaid Cymru (for which we can read Rhydian) is perhaps not fully balanced, but will no doubt fire up Hywel Williams campaigning for the coming months.
These proposals have a long way to go. It is strange that a "Green Paper" should generate such hostiity and Rhydian will be aware that many a rough edge will be removed before we get to the "Act". This could be an interesting debate for some time to come.

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