Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hard work goes on.

A break in postings as I was one of those people locked away at the University of Warwick hammering out key issue for the next manifesto. My biggest reflection is that, in spite of the dark political clouds which have gathered, the National Policy Forum went about its business in a very serious and hard headed manner. Yes lots of late night negotiations and agreements to be reached but the NPF did manage to complete its business in the face of intense political and bureaucratic pressures. Thousands of amendments, endless meetings to seek concensus and a final session to vote on outstanding amendments. All Party's have a debt of gratitude for their staff - Labour has an incredible thank you to its staff this weekend and they got a standing ovation for their effort (and lack of sleep).
Of course I have little doubt the papers want a "Brown caves in" or "Party split" headline. It didn't happen, whatever is written. The Forum signed up to the documents ready for conference in September.
So lets get back to governance and running the country.

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