Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 2

So back to the picket line at 7am for day two of the local government pay dispute. Am I alone in thinking the media and public tone leans to the sympathetic ? A few reflections:
a) a two day strike is not the point in itself,
b) the level of support has taken employers by surprise,
c) more stayed away on day 2 than day 1,
d) it is a means to an end (i.e a better pay rise than 2.45%)
e) the will be resolved by talking , not striking,
f) the employers have to agree to hold talks to review their previous "final offer" to allow the wheels to turn,
The more action that is forced on employees the higher the final settlement bar will rise - my advice to the employers (and any government Minister passing by this blog) is get the wheels moving soon.

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red dawn said...

Good points, well made. It's a real shame that Steve Thomas, WLGA, intervened in the unhelpful way he did. Rather than trying to rubbish our action and misinform the media about level of support etc, he would be better using his energies and good offices with the LGA to try to find a way of getting this dispute resolved. Never underestimate the resolve of UNISON members to support their union when the crunch comes!