Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feeling the heat

It is the ongoing squeeze on energy prices which shows the heat will not go away, and how the same impacts would affect any colour of Government at present. I'll hazard a guess that returning energy to the public sector is not likely on any foreseeable time horizon and so we must get used to higher energy prices.

While this undoubtedly will make many more people conscious of energy efficiency (a good thing) there are many who will struggle, or some elderly who will perceive a need to not use energy even when necessary for their well being.

Energy supply and food production have come back with a vengance.

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Lee Griffin said...

Yet Labour are still coy about actually making these companies act more responsibly. They are now currently passing *all* of the costs they can to the customer to maintain profit margins, and this is being seen as acceptable? I understand that interference in the free market is a bad thing, and in all honesty I don't want companies to be penalised for success...but surely now is the time to ensure that profits are used to keep the market sustainable and flexible rather than to simply keep.

I've written before That there are other options that Labour could enforce through regulation. Yes, we all need to accept fuel is costing more and feel that squeeze, but surely it shouldn't be the poorest and most efficient energy users that are charged the most in proportion?