Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Look over your shoulder Don

There are a number of things that could be concerning Labour MPs at present, and a focus on some big UK issues is advisable as we seek to address the global credit crunch, downturn in the UK economy, pay disputes needing some government intervention, a big by election in Scotland, all might be good things to start with.

Quite why Don Touhig should let rip at the One Wales Government as one year passes by is therefore a little strange, if not out of character. Don the Welsh party voted for the One Wales government, they are going about their business and I was not aware that Edwina Hart, Jane Davidson and others were not making their mark.

Sometimes it does not help to stand in the green house throwing stones!

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red dawn said...

Can't help but wonder if Westminster starting to feel a little threatened by the Assembly. Have to say behavoiur of some Welsh Labour MPs at the time of the One Wales Agreement was quite disgraceful. It seems that for some democracy is only acceptable if they get the outcome they want!