Thursday, July 31, 2008

Donny hits the campaign trail????

Recent profiles have suggested that David Miliband was compared to Donny Osmond in his younger days - I know not. However having missed his appearance with Jeremy Vine I saw the Newnisght coverage. I don't think such things happen by mistake in modern politics. We'll see.

However my advice is still to go on holiday!


red dawn said...

Really think "Donny" should go for it. Cannot see way out of current mess for Gordon, even though much of it is not of his making. Dilemma for "Donny" is whether next election is already lost and if he leads Labour to that defeat will his prime ministerial ambitions be over before they start? Maybe he would be better letting Gordon lead us to what is almost inevitable defeat and pick up the reigns after the election.

Martin Eaglestone said...

But immediate focus should be a steady ship and enjoying the Summmer holidays. I'm not sure the electorate really want endless Labour leadership stories. Better to 'get on' with government and sharper focus on delivery.