Monday, July 28, 2008

Go on your holidays........

My advice to Labour MPs is to head off on their holidays and stop the speculative discussion over Gordon Brown. The Party and the Government need a period of respite over the Summer so that a process of rebuilding is available over the winter in preparation for the Euro elections next year. (yes the next elections are not that far away..).
Having been at the Warwick negotiations over the weekend it seems that we have a platform of ideas ready for the next election and to take forward our work in the coming years. Leadership debates and the nonsense about 'union power', so beloved by the media, are distractions. Effective government is the best solution.
Does anyone truly believe that the country would go back to the 70's? (Tory placards in Warwick!!).Nonsense.
So have nice holidays, recharge your batteries and come back fresh to move us forward. Meanwhile us humble workers will still be at our desks etc.

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